About us

Elite Outsource is a leading sales outsourcing and African talent recruitment firm. We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions that cater to the unique needs of businesses worldwide. With our expertise in sales outsourcing, we help companies optimize their sales operations, boost revenue, and achieve growth. Additionally, our focus on African talent recruitment enables us to connect organizations with exceptional remote professionals from Africa, ensuring a diverse and skilled workforce. As your trusted partner, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality services and driving your business towards success.

We have been serving clients in various industries including business and tech industries, with excellence. 

At Elite Outsource, we believe in building long-term partnerships with our clients, understanding their unique needs, and delivering customized sales outsourcing solutions that align with their business objectives.


To become a globally recognized leader in outsourcing services, delivering exceptional value to our clients, employees, and stakeholders through innovative solutions and superior customer service. We want to be the preferred sales outsourcing and talent recruitment partner for businesses of all sizes, providing unparalleled solutions that drive results.


Our mission is to provide best-in-class outsourcing services to our clients, helping them achieve their business goals by leveraging our expertise, technology, and global resources. We aim to exceed client expectations by delivering cost-effective, reliable, and scalable solutions that drive operational efficiencies, enhance competitiveness, and enable growth.

Core Values

Client-centric Approach: We prioritize our client’s needs and work closely with them to understand their requirements, provide personalized solutions, and ensure their success. We are committed to building long-term partnerships based on trust, integrity, and mutual respect.

Excellence in Quality: We strive for excellence in everything we do. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality services that meet or exceed industry standards and client expectations. We continuously improve our processes, technologies, and skills to drive superior performance and achieve outstanding results.

Innovation and Adaptability: At Elite Outsource, we foster a culture of innovation and creativity, constantly seeking new ways to add value and drive competitive advantage for our clients. We embrace change and adapt to evolving market dynamics, technology trends, and client needs, to stay ahead of the curve.

Empowered and Engaged Workforce: One thing Elite Outsource is known for is that our employees are our most valuable assets. We empower them with the tools, resources, and opportunities to excel, grow professionally, and contribute to the company’s success. We foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment that promotes diversity, equality, and mutual support.

Integrity and Confidentiality: We operate with the highest standards of integrity, ethics, and professionalism. Here at Elite Outsource, we safeguard our client’s data and information with strict confidentiality and comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry best practices. We uphold our commitments, honor our promises, and maintain transparency in our interactions with clients, employees, and stakeholders.

Social Responsibility: Elite Outsource is committed to making a positive impact on society and the environment. We strive to minimize our ecological footprint, promote sustainable practices, and contribute to the well-being of the communities we operate in. We encourage our employees to engage in philanthropic initiatives and give back to society.